Big Brands for a CLEAN Back-To-School Season

Back to School is tough for everyone, but few things can create a more welcoming environment than a fresh, clean and healthy facility! Your Nichols Team is #H2H (Here to Help!).  We have the national brands you trust, like Rubbermaid facility tools and supplies and Tork paper products.  The cleaning experts at Nichols help you pair those best in class national brands with our fabulous Nichols brand cleaning chemicals. We selected high quality formulations that wipe out dirt and grime. Our disinfectants reduce the spread of germs. And our nice selection of multipurpose cleaners make all your school’s surfaces bright and shiny!

RUBBERMAID knows Your Educational Facility Priorities

One of our favorite brands, Rubbermaid knows what it takes to meet student (and parent) expectations. They hit the mark on helping you to support sustainability, retain cleaning staff, and maintain a clean campus image. Implement sustainable practices with products that conserve resources, like LumeCel – the self-powered aircare systems. Additionally you can comply with regulations and even earn points towards certifications like LEED with the Rubbermaid recycling programs and automated faucets.

For happy team members, Nichols offers a variety of Rubbermaid floor care tools… over 250 mops and accessories in fact! Looking for more efficiency tools? How about empowering your team to clean without interruptions? “Closed for Cleaning” door signs make the job faster and easier. What else makes them happy? Ergonomic ways to transport tools, supplies, and waste. Again we’re #H2H with cleaning carts that will fit all of your janitorial needs! From collapsible carts to high-security we’ve got it!  Browse our cleaning cart options:

Trust in TORK for Innovative Solutions

Another spectacular big brand, Tork is leading edge with innovation. Elevation® PeakServe™ is their solution for high traffic areas. Phenomenal for reducing outages during sporting events and other unpredictable traffic flow scenarios. With market leading capacity of over 2,100 towels per dispenser, refilling time is cut. Towel compression means 250% more hand towels, helping prevent unexpected run outs. You can refill with hand towels when it suits you, creating flexibility and more time to clean. Speaking of innovation, PeakServe is EasyCube™ Compatible… so for true insight you can capitalize on IoT throughout your restrooms to have real time insight on outages, traffic flow and more.

Nichols Brand – Effective Cleaning Power

You can be confident that if we put our name on it, it works! The variety of Nichols brand products ranges from liners, to mops and dusting solutions… We even have Nichols Brand Bath Tissue (aka toilet paper!) You’ll find the most breadth of offering in our cleaning chemicals line-up. Regardless of how you prefer your product packaging, we have the solution. Our PFD line offers portable dispensing of concentrated formulas. The ProFil has several wall mount dispensing options. And of course we offer the simplicity and convenience of ready-to-use options too. The Nichols Brand is a great value for your budget and we also complement it with great tools for ensuring proper usage.

In closing out another back to school solutions blog, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we also have NUMEROUS other brands to meet your needs and keep your facilities clean and healthy. Just browse our products pages or ask us for our full line catalog if you don’t already have one. It’s great reading material while you’re welcoming back the students and sipping your Pumpkin Spice Latte.