Bring it on with Essity’s Tork PeakServe®

That’s why Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel system can make a huge difference for the washroom experience at large manufacturing sites – and in the end, their businesses.

The system is continuous: The bundles latch onto each other when loaded and towels are connected so they dispense with no interruption. The towels are compressed to fit twice as many in less space. This makes PeakServe easy to use as well as service.

Bring on the next shift!

Tork PeakServe® is made of more, so staff can do more to improve the quality of the employee experience and workplace attractiveness. It enables more time for cleaning, better washroom flow, and increased capability to excel during critical moments. Whatever happens.

  • More time for cleaning. Cleaning staff spend a lot of time traveling between washrooms and locker rooms at large industrial sites to check and refill dispensers. Even more, some manufacturing facilities do not have cleaning staff during weekend shifts. So, having a dispenser with extended capacity is crucial. PeakServe helps to avoid run outs with 250% more hand towels and lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing.
  • Better washroom flow. High volume manufacturing sites employ shift workers creating peak demand at shift changes and breaks. And, large manufacturing sites mean large distances between washrooms.  It’s easy to get in and out with PeakServe as taking a towel is always smooth and easy with its patented continuous towel system. Not to mention, faster dispensing as PeakServe serves guests in three seconds – quicker than jet air dryers.
  • Improved hygiene. Without constant availability of hand towels, workers cannot practice proper hand hygiene. This leads to risk of cross-contamination and more sick-leave, which is not good for business. PeakServe ensures there is always a towel available. The system allows cleaning staff to top up when it suits them with up to 600 more guests served between refills compared to standard folded towel dispensers. Because the towels are compressed by 50%, this allows staff to double the towels they carry on the cleaning carts so restrooms can be easily serviced to avoid run out.

Want to excel during critical moments?

Contact your Nichols Account Manager today or visit Essity’s website to find out more about Tork PeakServe!