Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

On this Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, we want to celebrate the world’s creativity when it comes to using bubble wrap. Let’s start by finding out about how bubble wrap exists in the first place. In 1957, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes attempted to create a textured wallpaper that didn’t have the “pop” that they had hoped for. After a few years, this wallpaper started to provide solutions for the safe shipment of products. It was then that Bubble Wrap became the sensation that it still is today!

We all know that Bubble Wrap is used to protect shipments from getting damaged. But did you know that Bubble Wrap can be used for SO much more? Here are a few of the creative ways people have used the material for:

  • Stress Relief
    A survey conducted by Sealed Air suggests that a little over a minute of popping bubbles provides the stress relief equivalent to a 33-minute massage. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Insulation
    If you are typically cold at home, bubble wrap will do wonders for you! Placing a sheet of bubble wrap on your window will work as instant insulation. I have also heard that you can keep your pet’s outdoor house warm with bubble wrap for when temperatures begin to drop.
    Bubble Wrap can additionally be used as greenhouse insulation. As a matter of fact, after it didn’t take off as wallpaper – but before it became the protective material – Fielding and Chavannes attempted to sell it as such.
  • Winterizing
    Wrap this multi-use material around pipes and outdoor spouts during the colder months to prevent any bursting from happening.
  • Plant Protection
    Wrap the containers of your potted plants to keep them frost-free.
  • Film Sets
    If you are into acting, or just movies in general, you may already know that bubble wrap is a big hit on film sets. This material is often used to fill things like backpacks and totes to give the impression that actors are actually carrying something.
  • Textured Painting
    Get creative with the different patterns you can create when using bubble wrap while painting. Artist Bradley Hart has taken this approach for his artwork.
  • Fun & Games
    Are you stressed but don’t have any bubble wrap to relieve it? No worries! There are different apps that allow you to pop virtual bubbles for whenever you feel like popping.

We have read about some other unique uses too. For example, an England native used bubble wrap for her wedding gown. Some use bubble wrap calendars and pop bubbles to mark specific dates. Others purchase bubble wrap with different shapes and messages to wrap their birthday presents. What do you use bubble wrap for? All I know is that I need to go get myself some of this cushioning material and start popping!