Buying Equipment

With the current state of the supply chain, you can only imagine how much goes into buying an 800-pound autoscrubber, or any piece of janitorial equipment for that matter. It is quite the logistical undertaking to get a machine from the raw materials used to build the machine, to a completed piece of equipment, then packaged up and delivered to us, the distributor, who assembles and tests the machine before making the final delivery to the customer. All in all, the Allied Eagle, Nichols, & Tepe equipment delivery process is comprehensive and will leave you with a satisfactory and enjoyable experience!

The first step in this process is the customer expressing the need for a piece of janitorial equipment. Given how costly and time-consuming it is to produce a machine, not to mention the availability of key raw materials, equipment needs to be ordered weeks or sometimes even months in advance to make sure it arrives by the time it is needed. This is especially true for all autonomous autoscrubbers.

Next, once the machine is produced, it is secured and transported to us, the distributor. They are packed in a variety of different ways, but higher-end janitorial equipment tends to be bolted into a wooden pallet-like cage. The Equipment Specialist unboxes the equipment, finishes assembly, inspects for damage, and tests the machine before loading it back up for final delivery to the customer.

At this point, the Equipment Specialist makes the final delivery to the customer, shows them how to use the machine, and offers to answer any questions the customer might have about it. The customer is now able to clean their facilities more efficiently and effectively!

This isn’t where the ride ends for our involvement, however. We also offer on-location equipment demos, annual equipment shows (in select regional markets), and full-service equipment maintenance and service at several of our branch locations! With over 30 years of experience, maintenance service training, and thousands of stocked service parts, make Allied Eagle, Nichols, & Tepe your preferred destination for janitorial equipment maintenance and repair.