Celebrating This Memorial Day!

While having the day off of work on Monday may seem like a treat in itself, don’t forget the real reason behind celebrating this Memorial Day. This holiday is here to honor those in uniform who fought for our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Offer thanks to the people who have served, and treat everyone with kindness this holiday weekend.

We can recognize that we deserve a break and enjoy our day while keeping in mind that there is a greater meaning behind the day. Our ability to have a weekend of rest and relaxation is given to us by the sacrifice of others.

Whether you’re grilling up some hot dogs or applying several cautious layers of sunscreen, take a moment to think about these interesting Memorial Day facts on your day off!

  • The holiday was initially known as Decoration Day, noting the practice of decorating graves with flowers and flags, until 1967 when a federal law declared it Memorial Day!

  • There are several customs to take part in on this day, such as flying the flag at half-staff until noon and then raising it up until sunset, and wearing red, artificial poppies, which are a tribute symbol for keeping faith with veterans who have passed.

  • Congress established a National Moment of Remembrance in 2000 which asks that Americans pause for a minute at 3pm as an act of unity on a national level.

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