Clean Up Your Mindset For 2023

As we wrap up our holiday traditions and celebrations, we begin to prepare for the new year ahead. It isn’t uncommon to come up with resolutions to try and improve ourselves both mentally and physically. While turning over a new leaf for the sake of our health sounds like a good idea, more often than not we set unrealistic goals for the new year and feel defeated come December when the resolutions are incomplete. This year, try putting together a list of ways you can improve your mindset and, in turn, improve your life in 2023.

Having a healthy body is important, but don’t equate health with impractical gym standards and poor dietary habits. Instead of making your resolution to lose twenty pounds, consider aiming to be more active, go on daily walks, or limit how much you’re eating out. Resolutions that are less rigid in their definition have a better chance of being completed and increase the odds of healthy habits forming.

Many people think of their work when deciding what aspects of their life to improve with the clean slate of a new year. While focusing on the work you do is important, we urge you to step back and consider the world around you. Living through a pandemic is no small feat, and instead of feeling defeated that you aren’t doing enough, you should recognize the progress you’ve made and treat yourself accordingly. Instead of pushing yourself to work overtime, try establishing a routine of self-care. Don’t underestimate the power of pampering! Forcing yourself to work beyond your limits can do more harm than good. Feeling upset that you didn’t live up to your expectations or burnt out from trying are no way to end a successful year.

Most importantly, remember that January 1st is nothing more than a meaningless date and whether or not you decide to make resolutions for the new year has no reflection on you. If you want to turn your life around in the middle of summer, more power to you! Don’t feel pressured to create goals for yourself when others are, especially if they’ll bring more stress into your life. This year, take some time for yourself and think of ways clean up your mindset for a great 2023.

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