CompuClean - Are You Using It?

Are you still using paper and pencil to manage inventory and reporting? It’s time to join the 21st century with CompuClean. Spartan Chemical’s CompuClean will simplify your custodial management team’s tracking and reporting. CompuClean is a cloud-based software with easy accessibility through your computer, tablet or phone.

CompuClean will help you manage all aspects of your janitorial operations in one program. The software system is very user-friendly and gives you the ability to generate reports and your history easily. CompuClean can be customized and tailored to meet the needs of you and your team.

The CompuClean® software license costs $600 per year and covers every facility in the organization’s system (i.e. all the schools in the district), all upgrades, and support. The cloud-based service means there are no installations and allows you to access your information from any web-enabled device (phone, tablet or PC).

What does CompuClean do?

Manage Inventory

  • Track consumable inventory to prevent shortages.
  • Track equipment inventory and maintenance schedules.

Standardize Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures

  • Manage, track and document processes and resources that go into cleaning your facilities.

Project Management

  • Manage and track staffing, processes and procedures and detailed workloads.
  • Create special assignments for your team.

Work Request Management

  • Communicate directly with employees via text and email.
  • Schedule, track and communicate projects.
  • Capture work requests directly from the customer including outside of day-to-day, special requests, and event setups.

Quality Corrective Actions

  • Schedule and produce inspections to track performance.
  • Track corrective actions.

Interested in learning more about CompuClean? Listen to the latest Nic News Podcast with Spartan Chemical’s Michael Fabian.

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