Nichols Promotes CPR in Schools

In support of the work of the American Heart Association, Nichols is the proud sponsor of a CPR in Schools Training Kit. This was recently gifted to the Oakridge School District in Muskegon, to assist in teaching our students the lifesaving skill of Hands Only CPR.

In December, 2016 Michigan passed legislation requiring all students learn Hands Only CPR before they graduate high school, and this kit gives Oakridge School District the equipment necessary to implement this new guideline.

The kits contain the following:

  • All tools needed to train 10 students at a time
  • Is reusable—one kit can train hundreds
  • Is portable for easy sharing. Students can also take home to train their family and friends
  • Is easily implemented—any educator can lead the training in one class period or less
  • Teaches Hands-Only™ CPR, CPR with breaths, AED skills, and choking relief
  • Includes a Facilitator Guide to help train faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers





80% of sudden cardiac arrests happen at home, so the knowledge of Hands Only CPR is critical in saving lives, and these skills are most often performed on loved ones. Hands Only CPR can nearly triple a person’s chance of survival, and this new Hands Only CPR legislation will add more than 100,000 life savers each year in the state of Michigan.