Customer Deliveries During COVID-19

Please see the below points for clarity on how we are handling customer deliveries during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Loading dock deliveries – Prior to the delivery the driver will position the pallets to the tail of the trailer.  They will communicate to the customer which pallets belong to them.  The customer will pull the pallets off the trailer.  The driver will still obtain pictures prior to pulling the pallets and get a name of who is taking our product off of the trailer.  If the pallet is mixed for two or three customers the driver will break down the pallet and let the customer know which product is for them.
  • Non loading dock deliveries which are staffed – For all locations that are staffed the driver will remove the product off of the truck.  For those customers that we have phone numbers in the routing software we will call the customer and let them know we are leaving the product outside their door so they can obtain it once the driver has left.  If we do not have a number we will knock on the door and let the customer know the product has been delivered.  Both a picture and name will be obtained during delivery.
  • Non loading dock deliveries that are not staffed – For all locations that are not staffed we will deliver the product as noted for the driver.  We will continue to secure products as normal.
  • If a driver cannot make a delivery they will continue to contact the shipping warehouse to get in touch with the customer.
  • We will amend non loading dock deliveries as needed due to weather and other needs as they arise.

These new protocols are for the protection of our associates and customers.