Data Driven Cleaning with Tork EasyCube™

It’s not a secret people dislike public restrooms and will do anything to avoid germs while using one. For many businesses, customers overall opinion can change if the restroom is lacking organization or unsanitary.

Thankfully, our friends at Tork have created a solution to help businesses stay one step ahead of restroom cleaning with EasyCube™.

Tork EasyCube™ offers facility wide management software. Cleaning managers are able to view real-time data from devices and connected dispensers which display on a user-friendly web app. This data directs cleaning teams to areas needing the most attention. The results are concrete savings in labor, higher staff motivation, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Gartner Predicts that “by 2020, more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element, large or small, of the Internet of Things.” Living in a digitally connected world means innovations are always moving ahead.

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Where is EasyCube™ Effective?

The Tork EasyCube™ system is great for facilities where a spotless image is everything! This includes: entertainment venues, athletic stadiums, major retail areas or open office settings.

If a cleaning manager is thinking about using the EasyCube™ system they should consider factors of their facility such as; how unpredictable is visitor intake? Are there 50 or more towel/tissue dispensers? Is facility image a high priority for the management team? If the answer is yes to these questions, the Tork EasyCube™ system would be a great asset to the facility!

Insight from Essity

Tork EasyCube is data-driven cleaning. Customers receive information in real time to optimize their resources.  On average, customers have seen a 20% reduction in labor costs.”

–Kathryn Siegel, Essity Sales Executive

See it in Action!

Navy Pier: an EasyCube™ Success Story

One of Chicago’s top tourist attractions, Navy Pier, receives over 9.3 million visitors a year. Due to its size, Navy Pier creates a high level of pressure on cleaning teams to maintain sanitary and organized restrooms.

With the introduction of Tork EasyCube™, cleaning has become integral with facility schedules and visitor intake. When Navy Pier first began using the system the benefits were instantly seen. Cleaning teams were able to access real time data to monitor restroom situations and take care of an issue should one arise.

The facility operations crew keeps a large monitor dashboard available for everyone to see so teams are aware of what is going on in each restroom.

Thanks to the EasyCube™ system, Navy Pier has been able to maintain a clean and organized facility which has resulted in an increase in visitor satisfaction and overall entertainment experience.

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