Don’t Let Restrooms Run on Empty

onvation gojo and kimberly clarkImagine if drivers didn’t know their cars needed gas until their tanks were empty.

Vehicles would litter roadsides. Emergency gas delivery services would be everywhere. Drivers would stop at gas stations constantly to fill up, just in case.

Lucky for us, we can avoid all this thanks to simple gas gauges and low fuel warnings.

So why – with all the amazing technology at our fingertips – do we still play guessing games when it comes to restroom maintenance?

Onvation™ Smart Restroom Management System is changing that. Onvation™ is a one-of-a-kind industry partnership between PURELL® brand and Scott® brand alongside Kimberly Clark Professional™, featuring patented smart restroom technologies for monitoring hand hygiene products, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Embedded smart sensors monitor and analyze restroom conditions and traffic flow in real time to deliver powerful, actionable insights and alerts to staff. This empowers maintenance teams to increase tenant satisfaction, reduce work orders, and have more control over building management.

The benefits add up:
• Reduce restroom-related complaints and work orders by up to 75%1
• Cut consumable waste by up to 80%2
• Guaranteed Return on Investment in the first year of service3

This not only increases productivity of your staff, but eases frustrations of those using your facilities. No one wants to be stuck in a restroom without everything they need. And if this happens repeatedly, it reflects poorly on the facility itself.

Of course, it’s possible to keep a restroom well stocked without alerts, but at what cost? Products could be replaced early, but this causes increased waste and costs. Staff could repeatedly check on restrooms throughout the day, but this causes increased workloads. This waste of both products and time is inefficient and, now, unnecessary. Onvation™ tackles these areas of waste, guaranteeing a return on investment in the first 12 months.

Besides, you wouldn’t buy a car without a gas gauge. Don’t let your restrooms run on empty, either. Learn more about this system.