Fun for Friday: Donuts to CHIPS… Finding YOUR Solution

time to make the donutsEvery day when your alarm goes off, does the retro commercial “Time to Make the Donuts” pop into your head? Whether you are “making the donuts” in a high-rise office building, an elementary school, a retirement village or a manufacturing plant… every facility seems to have its own unique challenges when it comes to keeping the indoor environment clean and healthy.

And it can really be a challenge to find the RIGHT SOLUTION! Once you know the issue, you still need to have a good idea of your priorities and what the preferred end-game is for you and your building occupants.  This is what the Nichols’ sales team is here for! We work with you to identify the source of the challenges you face in your facility. We weigh your priorities because the right product or solution to your specific challenge is going to different based on your CHIPS ratings.sun chips

The CHIPS acronym stands for Cost, Health/Hygiene, Image, Productivity and Sustainability.. Is the cost the biggest factor in your decision making? Or do you want to focus on cleaning for hygiene and health? Is your facility image an important factor? Do you want to focus on the solutions that make your building occupants their most productive? Or is sustainability the most important to you? Odds are that you are concerned with ALL of these components, but it’s important to know which is of the utmost concern and how the others fall in relationship to your organizations culture, goals and values.

With the impressive variety of proven manufacturers that Nichols represents throughout most of the Great Lakes region, we are highly confident that we can offer the BEST solution for YOUR challenge. The Nichols Team is happy to help. Just partner your knowledge of your facility, challenges and priorities with our insightful and well-trained sales team or specialists. We’ll ask proactive, on-point questions to dig deep and then come back with some really great options. Reach out to your Nichols Account Manager directly or shoot us an email at [email protected] for your problem solving consultation.