Your Floor Scrubber Battery Problems Are Over!

Your battery problems are over! Intelligent Cleaning Equipment (I.C.E.) has introduced a revolutionary new technology called i-Synergy. This new technology combines the use of a new lithium ion battery and remote asset management technology for automatic floor scrubbers!

The i-Synergy battery is trouble free with virtually no maintenance required. It outlasts traditional wet cell or sealed batteries up to 8-to-1! Problems associated with old fashioned lead acid and AGM batteries disappear with the use of this proven battery technology. No water filling required. No checking of cells. No careful monitoring of charging cycles. No worries at all for 5 years or 5000 hours of battery life!

i-Synergy technology provides a way to check on the floor scrubber’s condition and performance from your computer or smart phone. Features include a never lost GPS locator, battery charge status and constant connectivity through either 3G or Wifi connections built right into the floor scrubber. Additionally, need for service of any major component triggers a pro-active notification to the service provider and you resulting in quick service and reducing costly down time! All this and the ability to see how many square feet are cleaned every time the i-Synergy automatic scrubber is used.

Intelligent Cleaning Equipment also has the longest and easiest warranty in the industry with qualified service agents in every market. Service can be provided on the spot or at the customer’s location.  I.C.E. and i-Synergy are changing the way America cleans floors.

Interested in scheduling a demonstration? Contact your local Sales Representative or email us at [email protected].