Green Cleaning Solutions

As the new year starts and our holiday time off ends, we are back to connecting with our peers and coworkers in confined areas. The expectations for hygiene in public spaces have significantly increased, and rightfully so. Everyone deserves to feel safe and healthy when returning to work. But when we read the warning labels on our cleaning supplies, are we truly understanding what they’re telling us or the chemicals that are being used? As we begin to tackle our cleaning lists head on, let’s consider a safer, greener approach.

The cleaning products we buy are important to us, we stick to the brands we know and trust to continually take care of our messes. So how do you go about picking and choosing the better supplies? Keep an eye out for stickers or certifications that indicate if the product is green or not. Look for names such as Certified Organic, Certified Biobased, Ecologo, Green Seal, or the EPA’s Safer Choice logo. Clorox has their own line of environmentally conscious cleaning products, known as EcoClean, that has the Safer Choice stamp of approval. Their plant-based active ingredients are able to kill 99.99% of illness-causing germs in just two minutes with their disinfecting spray.

Maybe you aren’t ready to trade in your supplies for green chemicals, that’s okay! There are other ways to make an eco-friendly effort in your facility. Encourage recycling in multiple areas of your building, not just where people eat. With options like the Rubbermaid Recycling Program and their Slim Jim containers, you’re able to set up a spot to recycle next to any of the areas you have designated for waste. In the restroom, consider opting in for paper products made from recycled materials. When dusting or wiping down other areas of your building, leave the paper behind! Microfiber isn’t just for mopheads, consider using a microfiber towel for an easy clean that can be washed and used again.

Green options aren’t just for the handheld cleaning practices, companies like Tennant who are the minds behind various floor scrubbers are the innovators of ec-H2O NanoClean. This technology uses electrically converted water to clean your floors and help reduce not only costs but also the environmental impacts that comes from floor cleaning chemicals. We don’t want anyone to sacrifice their level of clean in order to maintain a certain green status in their building. Instead, we want to remind everyone that they have options when it comes to how they clean.

For more information on making greener choices in your facility, contact your local Account Manager or email us at [email protected]!