How Do You Hold Your Organization Accountable?

We just received notice of our 2016 Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) renewal, this completes our second year in this program.  What does this mean?  The Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) is a voluntary program open to all Michigan businesses, regardless of size, who are interested in initiating or expanding pollution prevention (P2) practices and receiving recognition for these efforts. Involvement in MBP3 gives businesses direct access to relevant case studies, individual advice, P2 updates and news, helpful resources, and access to the extensive P2 partnership contact list.  MBP3 is the goal-setting level of the Environmental Stewards Partnership – Encouraging businesses to initiate and expand their current Pollution Prevention (P2) practices.

In 2016 we set goals around reduction in energy use, waste and water.  We are still gathering year-end numbers and will share once we are ready to publish.  Annually we must submit a report of our results and set goals for the next year by April 1st.  Participation in this program and also LEED for Existing Buildings Operations + Maintenance helps to hold us accountable, to set goals and monitor our results.  It is easy in this fast paced world to set goals and not pay any attention to them again until you are setting goals for another new year right?

Participation in this program is also an important part of doing business and sometimes a requirement.  We are now being requested by customers or potential customers to not only provide environmental data for products, we are also being asked to submit to them our goals and results for reduction in the areas mentioned above as well as transportation.

Since we have been at this for more than 10 years now, it isn’t always easy to go down that continuous improvement path, the goals get tougher but we are up for the challenge!

Follow this link for more information on the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership program