Homecoming Cleaning Preparation

With schools back in session and students flooding the halls, it’s only a matter of time before the dances start back up, too. Is your school’s gym ready to host homecoming? Nichols is here to help you understand which cleaning practices are better for everyone in the long run. So you can spend more time popping and locking instead of mopping.

Let’s start with basics, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are touched frequently by students and staff. Cleaning uses soap and water to physically remove germs from the surface, though it doesn’t necessarily kill them. Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill those germs, but doesn’t properly clean the area. Sanitizing is the process of lowering the number of germs to a safe level as determined by public health standards, this can be done through various cleaning and disinfecting practices.   

Taking care of the gym floor daily is a must. Even using a simple dust mop is great for daily cleaning tasks that help preserve the life of the floor, but also the health of the people who are using it. There are different cleaning guidelines for each type of athletic floor, so make sure you’re tackling germs in a way that won’t damage your property. And for floors that need a little extra help, consider looking into the world of auto scrubbers and other floor-cleaning machines.

Just cleaning the floors isn’t enough; doors, appliances, vending machines, and bleachers are all examples of area that need to be cleaned more regularly, as they have increased contact with crowds. A cleaning job that may have only needed to be done daily in the past now needs to be taken care of multiple times a day. Especially if you’re preparing spaces to have an influx of people in them.

At the dances themselves, take some simple yet effective measures to encourage healthy practices amongst the students. Disinfect the bathroom, make sure paper towel and soap dispensers are stocked and ready for students. Set out hand sanitizer bottles/set up mobile dispenser stands to encourage frequent hand cleansing.

Between slow dancing, eating, and gossiping on the sidelines – we know the kids will be in close contact with each other throughout the event, why not attempt to create the cleanest and safest place possible for them to enjoy?