Importance of Product Standards

The life of a distribution salesperson is much easier when you have the ability to recommend products bases on independent, science-based product certification such as Green Seal.  Therefore we applaud the manufacturers that we ultimately represent, when they receive recognition like Spartan Chemical just received from Green Seal.

We do not have chemists or experts on our staff to be able to verify environmentally friendly or safer products. We must rely on our manufacturers and the product standards they chose to verify and certify their products with.  Green Seal is one of those trusted standards that gives us the confidence we need when recommending products to our customers, the end users.

The original “Green Seal of Approval” was founded in 1989 to help safeguard the health of people and the planet. As an independent, science-based standards developer and certification body, Green Seal identifies products and services that are environmentally responsible, and provides public education for creating a more sustainable world.

We thank Spartan Chemical for choosing Green Seal as a partner.