Is Someone Short Sheeting You?

This is not a practical joke and we are not talking about short-sheeting your bed!  It is well known in the sanitary supply industry that all bath tissue is not created equal and you know that too.  Yet so many times we see requests for proposals or bid opportunities come through and the only specs offered are 1-ply bath tissue, regular rolls; or 2-ply bath tissue regular rolls, 96 per case, nothing in relationship to the size of sheets and sheets per roll on what we refer to as regular rolls.  This also happens with the larger rolls, not enough information.  When evaluating the proposals that you receive from potential vendors, you probably see a wide discrepancy in price.  Lowest price is not always the best and you must compare apples-to-apples.  We are encouraging you to include more details in your requests, size of the sheets on a roll, number of sheets on a roll, number of feet on a roll, width of a roll which also applies to hand roll towels.  Doing this will make it easier to guarantee you are getting the product that you expect.  Also when comparing pricing, make sure you are comparing like products.  We don’t want any practical jokes to be played on you when it comes to especially your toilet paper.  Don’t set yourself up to be short-sheeted!