Keep your office clean to keep your team working

Have you ever worked when you were sick? Were you honestly doing your best work? It’s nothing to be ashamed about, it’s hard to concentrate on that spreadsheet when your head is pounding like jackhammer, your nose is running a marathon, and your body aches like you just lived a Die Hard movie. Really, the best course of action is to just shut down until you get better. But that means you are missing valuable work time.

How can you avoid this dip in productivity? Keep your office clean!


There is always going to be some unavoidable sicknesses: kids still catch viruses at school, you can contract a non-communicable illness, and (let’s be honest) some people just play hooky. But those are separate issues. For the most part, what keeps people out of work are community-acquired infections. The good news is, you can avoid these infections and ensure that your team is present and fully alert.

It’s as simple as following best cleaning practices.

The root of the problem comes down to commonly touched surfaces. Doorknobs, coffee pots, the big green button on the copier, desks, counter, and other surfaces can be the main hotbeds of viruses. Left unchecked, the bacteria on these surfaces alone have the ability to cripple your workforce with illness – an illness that could have been avoided.

According to the Canadian Association of Environmental Management, proper cleaning can reduce exposure to harmful germs by 80-90%. Meaning that your workforce stays healthy, happy, and productive.

If you’re not serious about your office cleanliness, isn’t it about time?