Keep Your Office Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

The change in seasons and cold weather approaching means it’s cold and flu season. Talk about a bummer! Whether it’s a cold, the stomach flu, or Influenza A, we all know it’s going to go around the office at some point this season. What can you do to help your employees stay healthy and prevent the strike of cold and flu season at work?

1. Set Up a Flu Shot Clinic in Your Workplace:

Create an environment where your employees are encouraged to be proactive about preventive healthcare. If you haven’t already, you can schedule on-site flu clinics, as well as promote and educate your employees about flu shots. We held one at our Corporate Office in Norton Shores earlier this month.

2. Remind Employees to Wash Their Hands Frequently:

Make sure soap and water are available and even consider distributing alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the workplace. Employees can also use alcohol-based wipes to disinfect door knobs, phones and keyboards especially if there are shared work spaces. At Nichols we keep disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer stations around the office for everyone to use!

3. Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home:

While ill employees might believe they’re being dedicated by coming to the office, they may spread germs and decrease the productivity of the business. Flu sufferers with a fever should remain at home until at least 24 hours after their fever ends without the aid of medication.

Here are some additional tips to keep the rest of your team healthy…especially if your employees insist on coming to work:

  • Cough and sneeze into the crook of arm. Cover nose and mouth.
  • Wash hands after doing any of the following: blowing your nose, coughing and sneezing
  • Agree not to shake hands with colleagues while sick. They won’t be offended.
  • Clean the communal spaces you touch like microwave, door handles, etc…

4. Educate Workers About Influenza Signs and Symptoms:

Post educational materials in your office break room. The CDC provides free materials that you can easily display and distribute in your office. To view the full list of flu symptoms, visit the CDC’s website. Caution your employees that the only way to truly know if they have the flu is to visit a doctor who can run the necessary laboratory tests.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Your Nichols Sales Representative is here to help you find the best germ-fighting tools (hand-sanitizing gels and wipes, facial tissues, surface disinfectant sprays and no-touch trash cans, etc…) for your space.