Keep Your Windows Clean this Summer

Spring is over and summer is here! With the rainy season being gone now is the prime time to wash your windows if you want the squeaky clean look to last. Here at Nichols, we recommend a regular window cleaning schedule to help identify any problems with your windows and keep the bugs and insects away. Save yourself money and the time-consuming elbow grease that window cleaning requires with these helpful tips and tricks.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Watch for mildew buildup on your window frames.
  • Clean your blinds or shades immediately after you clean your windows to ensure your windows stay clean for as long as they can.
  • Use a microfiber cloth when drying the inside panels.

Try these Window Washing Tools/Equipment to keep you safe and your windows looking new!

  • Cleano by IPC Eagle: Window and All Surface Cleaning System that is environmentally friendly, reduces labor time and cost, flexible, versatile and ergonomically friendly! Available in 1’, 2’, 5’, 10’ and 25’ telescope quick lock.
  • HydroTube by IPC Eagle: Offers a better, faster way to clean window up to 5 stories safely from the ground. The unique linear design allows us to build a sophisticated high volume reverse osmosis DI water purification system all in one portable tube. The result is spot free windows at a fraction of the cost and time of any other system. Available in 1 Story, 2 Story and 3 Story options.
  • HyrdoCart by IPC Eagle: Available with electric, battery or gas engine boost pump options that are designed to increase productivity in low water pressure areas or when 2 pole cleaning is desired. The Hydro Cart includes 100 feet of industrial strength host that allows you to stay mobile versus being planted in one place when using this item.

We hope you found some quick takeaways and enjoy a clean and streak-free window summer!