#NFSM is a Prime Time to Learn More about Norovirus

September is National Food Safety Month, a time to focus on reducing the risk of Norovirus and Hepatitis A. NFSM is sponsored by our friends at TORK and ServSafe. NFSM is now in its 22nd year of promoting food safety with best practices and educational tools.

Whether you are in the Food Service, Food Processing, Education or Hospitality industries . . . being well-informed on things like Norovirus and other foodborne illnesses is a great way to help you minimize their spread. Norovirus is commonly referred to in the U.S. as “food poisoning” or “stomach flu” (even though it is NOT RELATED to the influenze virus). In the UK, the call it the “winter vomiting bug”… ewww.

Sources of Norovirus can include (but are not limited to) produce, shellfish, ready-to-eat foods touched by infected food workers (ice, salads, sandwiches, fruit, etc.). Any foods contaminated with even miniscule amounts of vomit or feces from an infected person can spread the virus. Proper personal hygiene, avoiding work and food preparation when ill, and utilizing appropriate personal protective gear are all ways we can each help minimize the spread of Norovirus… also known this month as #NotoriousVirus






Proper hand washing and drying is a great way to help reduce the spread of disease.

Norovirus cannot be killed by cooking.

The virus can live on surfaces for over a week.

Someone infected with Norovirus is highly contagious as soon as they are feeling ill and for several days after they have recovered from the virus.

According to the CDC, there are 56,000 – 71,000 hospitalizations annually caused by Norovirus, and up to 800 deaths.

Your Nichols representative and our ServSafe and HAACP certified Food Processing experts are here to help. If you need further insight on food safety in your facility, please give us a call!

You can also check out our new Food Processing brochure here: Nichols_Food Processing Brochure 16

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