COMING SOON! New website and commerce platform.

Nichols is proud of our history of embracing innovation and technology solutions. Our goal with this is always to improve your experience of doing business with us.

We are excited to announce that in January 2020 we will launch an upgrade to our website and ecommerce platform. The new site provides a buying journey will streamline your ability to access the product and program information you need to make informed decisions.


Our new product detail pages will offer up to five photos per product, extended attribute search functionality, and linked videos. Once you are logged in you will have advanced reporting via your custom dashboard, and featured products specific to your industry (Education, Healthcare, Industrial, etc.)  The content side of the site (events, blogs, features) is now tightly integrated to the product/ commerce site… creating a more fluid experience.

If you are already buying online, watch your email for details. Still not buying online? You will want to check it out in 2020!

To schedule a January demo, contact [email protected]