No-Burnish, No-Stripping Floor Care

It can take a lot of time, money, and product to keepNo-Burnish Blog Image a floor in good shape. In many cases, multiple products and processes are required for complete floor care. What if there was a system that not only cleaned your floor, but also maintained its shine all in one fell swoop? Fortunately, there are solutions that do just that, including SC Johnson’s EZ Care Floor Care System and 3M’s Advanced Floor Care System. They meet the standard for daily floor cleaning, while maintaining and improving the floor’s shine and durability over time, thereby reducing the need for burnishing and stripping—which can even harm the floor if done incorrectly.

Daily use of one of these no-burnish, no-stripping floor care systems reduces the need for major floor care projects, eliminating the disruption and increasing the efficiency of your facility. It won’t cause any sort of haze effect or damage to your floor when used daily and as directed. These systems can be used in a variety of settings but are especially suited for autoscrubber use in large facilities such as health care facilities, schools and universities, stadiums and arenas, and event centers.

Using a no-burnish, no-stripping floor care system regularly will save your company time, money, labor, and valuable resources. Once the system is initially installed, you will never need to strip or burnish the floor again to keep your floors looking clean and glossy.

At the end of the day, your floors will appreciate being taken care of in the right way. With a no-burnish, no-stripping floor care system, your floors, budget, and cleaning staff will shine, be more efficient and be the very best they can be.