Safety and Protection in Industrial Settings

Working in an industrial setting can be difficult, not just with the material you’re handling, but also with the risk of potential accidents waiting to happen. Most are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to take steps towards preventative measures that keep everyone safe! Nichols doesn’t just provide cleaning chemicals and packaging tape to our customers, we’re here to provide solutions wherever you might need it!

Slipping on the floor, while a very common accident, can result in some serious injuries if you aren’t careful. One of the main causes of falling is inadequate communication between workers that a wet/slippery surface is ahead. Don’t worry, a simple Caution sign would be able to alert people to the issues that lie ahead of them and keep them safe.

One of the leading issues people face in industries are problems relating to their respiratory system. While the push for face masks lately has largely been for protecting against illnesses such as COVID-19, Particulate Respirator masks are designed to protect you from harmful particles getting into your body.

Handling sharp and hazardous objects isn’t completely out of the question, and you should be adequately prepared and protected before going forward! Polyethylene sleeves are made to protect any exposed skin from being in contact with chemicals or other dangerous materials that could cause bodily harm. Using machinery with cutting technology or interacting with sharp materials can pose their own threat that just vinyl gloves wouldn’t be able to help against. Luckily, we have cut-resistant gloves in stock to help against situations just like these.

Finally, what building wouldn’t benefit from a general use First Aid Kit? We’d all like to believe that we are too old and too experienced for everyday accidents, but that simply isn’t the case! It’s better to be prepared for issues that require first aid attention, then to be without it when that time comes. We’re here to help you out in any capacity, and that includes keeping you safe!