Make the Choice to Self-Promote Your Custodial Department

Many departments in organizations go out of their way to fly under the proverbial radar screen, to be “invisible”.

Unfortunately, many Custodial Departments choose to function like this.

In today’s competitive work place, custodial teams must choose to promote the value of their department. They no longer can remain invisible. They must be seen. Relationships with their “customers” must be built. A purpose should be defined. Processes should be shared. Outcomes and impacts touted or “self-promoted” via social media or internal outlets. Invisibility will only lead down the path of un-importance.

When viewed by decision makers as unimportant or of providing no value, the only differentiator is the so called almighty dollar. When faced with cutting a budget, a department perceived as providing no value is typically the first department cut.

Author and Speaker Simon Sinek is famous for providing us with the “Why”, “How”, “What” Model. It has been adopted and adapted by organizations worldwide. Choose to incorporate it into your Custodial Department? (Learn more and photo credits to:

Do others know the Purpose of the department? Have you defined and posted your “Why”?

Do others know the Processes or Procedures of the department? Have you defined and posted your “How”?

Your Results should be evident. Yet cleanliness is expected. It’s easily assumed. Do others need to be reminded of the Outcome? Are you sharing and posting your “What”?

Make the choice to self-promote your custodial department. Tell them your “Why”.

“People don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek.

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