Small but Mighty Mobile Dispensing System

Nichols centers itself on the idea of I.K.E; Innovation, Knowledge, Excellence. It determines everything we do as a company to provide the top quality service our customers expect and deserve. As part of our ever continuing commitment of I.K.E, Nichols is proud to showcase SC Johnson Professional® TruShot™ Mobile Dispensing System. Both our team of experienced sales consultants and our customers agree it’s revolutionary!

What Our Team is Saying:

“I was really impressed with this system when introduced by the team of SC Johnson Professional. The TruShot Mobile Dispensing System is innovation like this industry has not seen in quite a while!”

~ Steve Dunlap

Nichols Account Manager, Western Michigan

Shortly after Nichols received our first shipment, Steve was showing this to his best accounts. It didn’t take long for Romanow Building Services to see the value.

What Our Customers are Saying:

“As a BSC we are always looking at ways to be more productive and efficient and that is exactly what SC Johnson delivers in their floor stripper & TruShot system.  With the small footprint of containers it makes transport and storage a breeze. Also having one sprayer and being able to fill anywhere save time and allows us to be more productive. The product itself works great and the consistent smell across the chemical line is a plus!”

~Ben Beall

Romanow Building Services

This revolutionary cleaning system makes maintaining clean and healthy facilities both quicker and easier for custodial teams. The optimized dilution delivery and patented “spray-and-wipe” systems allows cleaning crews to keep moving. The TruShot system’s innovative design requires no mixing, measuring or stopping. The trigger systems features a water storage compartment and easily attached, pre-labeled cartridges, optimizing the time crews are cleaning verses prepping and mixing chemicals.

To be sure you have a comprehensive product solution, Nichols offers seven TruShot product canisters. These products include ammoniated glass cleaner, super concentrate ammoniated glass cleaner, non-ammoniated glass cleaner, super concentrate non-ammoniated glass cleaner, restroom cleaner, power cleaner/degreaser, and multi-surface cleaner.

Check out these TruShot benefits:

  • no mixing, no measuring, no stopping
  • reduce cart prep and cleanup with portable, no spill cartridges
  • increases productivity by eliminating re-supply trips to the cleaning closet
  • deliver highly effective chemistries at optimized dilutions
  • ensure OHSA workplace labeling compliance with easy pre-labeled cartridges
  • fillable at any water source
  • crews can be trained on the system in minutes
  • tough design prevents breaking or spilling if dropped

The wide range of uses and benefits offered by the SCJ TruShot Mobile Dispensing System make a great addition to any professional cleaning arsenal. To learn more about this system or to order, talk to your Nichols rep today!