Spring Cleaning with Rubbermaid Maximizer

It looks like Spring is finally here to stay! And what a great time it is to do some spring cleaning and give your business a refreshed look. Understandably, your to-do list can be quite long and it may be hard to prioritize. Well, worry no more because Nichols is here to help

Everyone knows that maintaining facilities can be tough and time consuming. What if we told you that there is a way to do it effectively and efficiently? With cleaning tools that save time, Rubbermaid’s Maximizer™ line will make it easier on you. These cleaning tools help workers increase productivity by completing tasks faster, reducing steps within a task and reducing user effort.

Think of all that salt residue left in the front of your building – or even those broken leaves you couldn’t get to after it had snowed a few times. The Push-to-Center Broom might be the fastest and easiest way to cross this task off your list. It has unique angled sides that reduce time by capturing more debris per stroke. It also limits the number of passes needed to clean an area.

You might be thinking: ‘but what about inside the building?’ Maximizer™ has a Quick Change Cleaning Tool system that was designed to make routine cleaning faster by switching between tools in less time – talk about being productive! Its storage tray fastens to carts and accepts tool heads that can be changed out with the click of a button. This system was made for easy attachment of Maximizer™ cleaning tools, which reduces trips to your storage closet for the retrieval of additional tools.

Keep in mind that cleaning should not only be done in the Spring. Maximizer™ offers a variety of tools that can be used on day-to-day tasks, as well as tough messes including: Wet/Dry Debris Pan and Broomgee, Dust Mop with EZ Access Scrapper and Wet Mop.

Your team will love the efficiency, and you will love the cost-savings! Check out all Maximizer™ products here.