Easy Ways to Stay Clean in the Classroom

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Going back to school can be scary for many reasons, but staying clean shouldn’t be one of them! We are all after the same goal once the kids return: encourage good hygiene, and that includes yourself, too. There are many ways to tackle these germs and, as usual, Nichols is here to help with a few different ways to keep everyone germ-free in the classroom.

  • On average, children will come into contact with up to 152,300 germs a day at school. It’s important to keep the areas they touch most frequently like desks, doorhandles, and faucets clean, and to clean them often. Green Works All-Purpose Cleaning Spray provides you with a quality clean without the residue and fumes left behind by harsh chemicals.

  • A study by the University of Arizona found that the average computer keyboard had more germs than a toilet seat – yuck! With tech-focused classrooms becoming the new norm, wiping down smart tablets, laptops, and desktops needs to be done daily! Luckily for us, Lysol wipes are ready to keep our electronics clean.

  • Encouraging proper hand hygiene is necessary now more than ever, and it doesn’t stop at washing your hands in the restroom. Keeping hand sanitizer available in the classroom promotes healthy habits and Spartan has made it even easier with their foamyiQ dispenser-less option. No machine to worry about maintaining or repairing to help you focus on staying clean.

  • We all know how kids can be, they see a foam product one minute and the next they’re emptying the entire contents onto the floor. Okay, so maybe something more controlled is the speed for your classroom. Purell’s single use packets have a pre-determined amount of their classic sanitizer already inside, just snap and go!

  • Sometimes messes are too much to tackle alone! Keep a box of gloves on hand to protect yourself from incidents that need a little extra clean up.

Adding these additional measures to keep yourself and others healthy will benefit your classroom for the entire year!