Staying Clean with GOJO


While the name GOJO may not be immediately recognizable to the average person, their products are more well known than others on the market. GOJO, a combination of the two founders’ names, Goldie and Jerry, is the company bringing Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer to, well, everyone.

In the height of the pandemic, hand sanitizer was in high demand yet hard to come by. When the big guys like GOJO were initially unprepared for such demands, smaller companies decided to cash in on the panic-buying and created their own hand sanitizers. Most of these lacked any kind of real information/drug facts on the packaging and terrorized people with its watery consistency and tequila-adjacent scent. You may think that this sort of insurrection in the market would be a disadvantage for companies like GOJO, but in reality, quite the opposite was happening. Now, sick of the off-brands being offered for dirt cheap at every grocery store entrance, the average customer is rushing to the sight of Purell in stores. A name that they are familiar with and trust, they know the light alcohol/aloe scent combined with a thicker gel is a guarantee in every bottle they buy.


GOJO invested 400 million dollars into their own company to be able to produce their own bottles in the country, which is a deal breaker for a large portion of patriotic citizens. They were also the first company to create the technology behind a soap dispenser. Back when they first created it, they used old car window cranks. This kind of development makes sense when you consider that GOJO initially started as a cleaner for the auto industry. Soaps with foam and grit to be able to clean off even the toughest oil and grime. Those soaps are still available today for industry purchase, though Purell is definitely their shining star product.


As technology has developed over the years, so has their focus. Now they not only sell the hand sanitizer, but also the dispensers that they’re coming out of. One of the mainstream ideas GOJO brought to the table was the battery-less dispenser. No longer did you need to worry about changing batteries or plugging in wires for your bathroom soap dispensers. Now with each sanitizer refill you install into your machine comes with a new battery attached. So when your sanitizer or soap runs out and it’s time for a refill, you’re changing your power source in the same motion and saving time.

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