Sustainability Trends – We Want To Hear From You!

sustainability trendsLiving with the pandemic for more than two years now, one would think that sustainability efforts in business would have taken a back seat.  They did while everyone was in panic mode to figure out how to keep their businesses operating, however that pause was short-lived and we believe that sustainability efforts have grown tremendously based on the requests we receive from our customers to provide them with product information as well as green house gas emissions data as a supplier to them for their reporting needs.  Not a week goes by without a request for help to identify a greener alternative product to what they have been using, a request for documentation about the raw materials used to produce a product (asking for the amount of recycled content for example), the origin of raw material used to produce a product, and environmental certifications that a product may carry. The requests do not stop with just product information. 

As a company we are being asked to join customers on their journey to set and achieve carbon neutrality goals which really takes digging into the soul of your business by setting a vision and strategy, identifying impacts that are both positive and negative, actual or potential, short or long-term and intended and unintended while taking a balanced triple bottom lined approach (people, planet and profit). Once those impacts are identified, and there is a formal process to help with this, due diligence is required to collect data, analyze the data, ultimately leading to reporting the data and both positive and negative impacts.   It also requires you to engage with your stakeholders up and down the supply chain as well as your internal stakeholders. 

Even though we have been on this sustainability journey for nearly 15 years, we continue to learn more, the sustainability world is rapidly changing.  Every time we have a conversation with a customer we see the need to share what we are learning with our customers and therefore will be doing this through a monthly blog post.  Many of our upcoming topics will be about reporting standards, frameworks and tools that are available to help you collect data.  We will also weave in content about current topics like recycling, waste reduction, circular economy, energy reduction, reducing green house gas emissions and water conservation and anything else that is relevant.  We want to hear from you, please share with us topics that you would like to learn about by completing this survey:

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