Training and Professional Development with Nichols

training opportunitiesAs we approach the end of another year, goal setting for the upcoming new year is a popular occurrence right now. Included in these goals may be training and professional development goals for your team especially if they took a back burner during this past, difficult year. According to benefits of employee training include increased productivity and performance, boosted moral, reduced supervision, better workplace environment, and much more. So, if it’s hard to keep your head on straight right now and thinking about your team’s training and professional development goals and plan for next year has been the last thing on your mind, no worries, Nichols is here to help. Below are some tips to help efficiently put together a training program which include accessing your team, where to go for training resources, and planning to execute.

Accessing your team: If your team members have a wide range of experience and skills, then individually accessing them is an important first step for building a training and development path for your employees. While some trainings may be a fit for the entire team such as compliance training, other soft and hard skill training depends on the person. Sit down with each employee and talk about the areas of opportunities for development. Or, before the meeting, ask them to write down what they feel are their top three strengths and areas of development and separately you do the same and see how they match up. Together, you both can agree on the top 1-3 things to be included in an individual training plan. Taking this tailored approach is motivating to your team member because together you had a conversation and agreed on the needed training. Conversely, giving someone a training on a skill they are already competent at may have the opposite, negative effect and be demotivating and sabotaging. If you find multiple people that need training in a common area, you can group them together.

Where to go for Resources: Once you decide what training is needed and whether it is hard or soft skills or compliance training, where do you go to find it? There are several online learning resources and platforms to invest in or check with your HR or other departments at your company as they may already be utilizing some of these resources. Work with your distributor or manufacture sales representatives and find out what training resources they offer on products and processes. Here at Nichols, we offer our College of Knowledge which includes on-site custom trainings, online training, and webinars. For off-site trainings we offer regional equipment shows and our two-day ISSA CMI (Cleaning Management Institute) Custodial Certificate Course which includes training from customer service, carpet care, and more. We also offer training tools such as custom charts, training cards, posters, and videos. Lastly, it is also important to use a blended learning approach of online and in person instruction to mix it up and then to skill practice.

Plan to Execute: You know when that busy time of the year is for your organization so plan your training to take place during those slower times. Utilize the resources mentioned above and get it scheduled on the calendar. Once it is scheduled it will be hard to overlook it. Let your employees know what training they will take based your assessment conversation and when they will take it so they can plan for it too. Track trainings with your employees throughout the year to make sure they are completed and on pace. Make it a fun competition by offering gaming points for hours attended, quizzes or tests taken, and they can use those points for some fun prizes.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your training and development goals for your team for next year. Access your team and collect your resources to build a successful training plan for next year. The benefits will be many from increased performance and productivity to boosted moral and more. And remember Nichols is #H2H…here to help!