Use paper while saving trees – it’s a win-win

What if we made paper that wouldn’t consume any trees? What if we used more renewable resources for our paper? What if paper was whole wheat?

Well, that dream may swiftly become a reality. New technologies have allowed manufacturers to begin creating paper using wheat and bamboo, both of which grow much more quickly than hardwood trees. In fact, wheat and bamboo are considered a “rapidly renewable” resources because they regenerate in less than 10 years.


Even better, the pulp needed for paper can be gathered from wheat by-products, or straw. This means that wheat can be harvested for food consumption and whatever is left can be used to create paper products. Imagine buying a whole wheat cereal that’s packaged in a box made of the same whole wheat. Pretty incredible, right?

This isn’t a “sometime in the future,” “maybe eventually,” “some day it would be nice” sort of thing. This is a right now thing. Nichols’ supplier Kimberly-Clark is already manufacturing a new GreenHarvest line made from 20% US-grown wheat straw and bamboo. Another Nichols supplier, Georgia-Pacific, has created a line of Brawny Industrial® FLAX towels using flax fiber. The result is a cleaning cloth that is naturally strong, absorbent, and sustainable.

The best part is that these products will be readily available and can replace products that create more waste. For example, Kimberly-Clark is rolling out GreenHarvest to their popular Kleenex and Scott brands so even the general public can pitch in on saving trees general public can pitch in on saving trees.

Another huge impact of moving too rapidly renewable, plant-based paper products is that the agriculture industry can realize huge profits. Instead of just burning old straw, like farmers have been doing for years, they can sell it to paper manufacturers, providing a whole new revenue stream for the agriculture business.

Here’s how this breaks down for you, the average consumer. You can help reduce deforestation, kick-start the move to tree-less paper products, help the economy, and know you’re doing the right thing. Next time you are buying paper towel, check to see if there is an option made with wheat and bamboo.

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