We Celebrate Safety

Nichols drivers traveled more than 1,000,000 miles in 2016 to deliver orders to our customers.  Maneuvering roads, both expressway and through the urban core of all of the cities we serve across Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, is no easy task, and then top that with weather conditions in the Midwest, especially in the winter time.  We are very proud that we were able recognized 18 drivers with our annual “Nichols Safe Driver” award at our annual corporate meeting in January.  This recognition is based on no accidents involving our drivers.  We have 24 trucks on the road daily and the average incident costs the company $3000 so we save money by having safer drivers too. Our drivers are proud to be recognized and we reward them with a bonus in addition to a certificate in front of their colleagues.

A few other notables: Our drivers have been known for other good deeds as well, like stopping to help distressed drivers along the road.  They also contribute positively to our environmental goals by turning off their trucks when pulling up to a customer dock, we have had a “No Idle” policy in place for about ten years which saves fuel and ultimately money as well.

Congratulations to our Nichols drivers for all they do to keep the roads safe for all of us!