We Take Notice

It is so easy to take things for granted.

And I’ll admit, I do it often. I take for granted that my car will run when I need it. It seems a given that my team mates will get the event invitations created,website updated and the eBlasts blasted. I take for granted that my husband will take care of the pets when I travel for work.  And there is infinitely more. My office is free of infectious disease; the restrooms are healthy; and the recycling goes where it is supposed to go.  The floors are free of debris and the surfaces are shiny, so what they are supposed to be that way right?

Do You Tune Out Too?

People work hard every day doing less than glorious jobs that go unappreciated most of the time. I’m being upfront here, it is just so darn EASY to not even notice that someone makes all this happen. If I’m getting my oil changed and transacting with the technician, my mind is on the next marketing campaign or app upgrade. When I’m walking down the hall at the hotel and see the housekeeping team, I’m probably thinking about the next meeting or today’s new product offering.  The office sidewalk is clear on a frigid day, I’m buried in dreams of living in Florida… You get the picture! So now that I confessed, I will take the leap that some of you reading this may have had the same situation?

The Challenge

As we prepare to head into 2018, I truly believe that with a little focus we can make it just as easy to take notice and appreciate those who take care of us. I challenge YOU to take notice of someone who makes your life easier. Perhaps set your own personal goals with this effort. This week maybe a wave and a thumbs up to the guy or gal on the snow plow.  Next a “great job” to the harried cashier recovering from the holidays.  On your winter getaway it could be a note of appreciation to hotel housekeeping staff!  Most especially through out the year, we ask that you let us know if there is someone that makes your facility or building work better and/or who makes your office environment healthier.

According to the IBIS World Industry Report 56172, there are 1,863,568 hardworking people keeping our workplaces clean… let’s let them know we appreciate it!  Need a few ideas? Download a helpful guide right here WeTakeNotice Lit

Join the Movement! #WeTakeNotice

Culture Change

Together with GP PRO, in 2018 we want to help create a culture of recognition in the professional cleaning industry. Check out this fabulous guide to learn more about the movement and get ideas for how you can join in.  At Nichols, we are proud and appreciative of the people who replace the Bath Tissue before it’s needed. We are thankful for those who empty the trash and take care of the recycling. And the Nichols Team really respects the work of the individuals who disinfect the FTOs on a routine basis so we can limit the spread of disease. What they do every single day improves our lives and we want to celebrate it.


Whether our customers are in Traverse City, MI; Cleveland, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Decatur, IL or anywhere in between… #WeTakeNotice and we appreciate their daily efforts. Watch the Nichols blogs throughout the year as we feature professionals throughout the Great Lakes who make our buildings work!  Want to join the movement? Get started TODAY by nominating one of your building’s custodians at www.wetakenotice.com, or you can also talk to your Nichols Account Manager or contact me for assistance, [email protected].  We are Here to Help and #wetakenotice

For a little inspiration, check out the GP PRO YouTube Take Notice videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s0TnXOh5GQ&list=PL8LEFSu0HyLnjfOBYOLoryKUlba436ZEa&index=2