Winterize Your Entry Way

El Nino? Or La Nina? What kind of winter will we have this year? No matter what, we know winter is here to stay for at least a few months.

We know watching slip and fall videos over and over again may be funny, but to those falling, it’s no laughing matter. The Nichols team wants to help keep you on your feet this winter by making sure your entry ways and floors stay safe, dry and clean this winter.

How? Proper matting, mopping and cleaning chemicals!

Entryway Matting is great to have all year long, but they are especially useful in the winter. Your customers, guests and associates can scrape dirt, grit and salt off of shoes, catch moisture from dripping coats and protect occupants from slips and falls.

Ideally your business should have place mats at every entrance point and depending on traffic you should vacuum them several times a day to remove dirt, soils and salts. Replace them once they become saturated with moisture and dirt.

Mopping your floors during business hours does more than just keeping your floors clean. Mopping up the water and snow residue that made it past your entry mats is another way to prevent slip and falls.

The proper cleaning chemicals help keep you floors shiny and clean. We suggest the Nichols Brand Premium Neutral Floor Cleaner. During the winter months, it will dissolve all ice melt and hard water films, and will never leave the floor with a soap haze. It’s a totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for daily use in any floor maintenance program. It’s slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue on the floor.