Wrapping Up 2019 with Learning and Development

Did you know that Learning and Development is one of Nichols Five Core Values?

We provide opportunities both internally and externally to foster a learning environment where we can continually learn, grow, and expand our capacity as individuals and as an organization. We do this not only for Nichols Associates, we also strive to provide professional development opportunities for our valued customers.

Developing our Team at ISSA2019 Nichols New Development Quotes

In November we attended the ISSA Show (International Sanitary Supply Association). Each year we continue to build on our knowledge of cleaning. We seek the latest product innovations to help put You First. And we spend time strengthening our relationships with other people in the industry. Sometimes the new product launches are already in full swing, sometimes we have to exercise our patience and utilize the advance knowledge to identify which customers would most benefit. But we always bring it full circle, delivering these new releases throughout the year. We are very excited about upcoming 2020 (top secret) solutions from key brands such as Tork, Clorox, Rubbermaid, 3M, Gojo, S.C. Johnson Professional, GP and Diversey. Stay tuned, we will bring these to you as quickly as possible as they hit the market.

Sharing Innovation Knowledge

However, we can share these three recent product innovations best with their short videos!  Spartan’s FoamyIQ won an ISSA Innovation Award, you’ll love the aesthetics, foot print and ease of this new soap system! And the Diversey/BONA Resilient Floor System brings game-changing options to revitalize (not RIP OUT) ugly and damaged resilient tile floors. Finally, as featured in our Q3 Vlog, Kimberly-Clarke’s Scott Pro Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser “breaks tradition by turning the whole engine inside out”… to almost eliminate the noise traditional dispenser create. But how do we KNOW what solutions are right for YOU? It’s our EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)!

Honing our Professional Skills

Continuing our development, the entire Nichols sales team is heading to Headquarters in December for our Annual Sales Meeting on December 12th and 13th. We take two days each year to recap our successes, learn from our mistakes, plan for our future, and grow as a team. This year’s event will feature Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success. Stanley will help the Nichols team become more self-aware, open to feedback and cognizant of cues from our customers. Emotional intelligence helps us deliver the right solution in the manner which best suits each unique customer.

Promoting You First with the College of Knowledge

In October, we held Nichols Expo for our Customers in West Michigan. This featured four training seminars on Customer Service, Packaging 101, The Chemistry of Cleaning and The Value of Clean. We also offered a comprehensive two-day course in Cleveland covering equipment PM, hard floor care, carpet care, above floor cleaning and more. Finally, in November we offered classes on disinfecting your environment and classroom cleaning for both our Detroit and Indianapolis area customers.

Curious about what Nichols training and events 2020 will bring? Be sure to check out our quarterly New Product Vlog newsletter for the full schedule! (If you don’t currently receive this newsletter, shoot a request to us at [email protected])