Xpress Yourself and Boost Your Business with Tork Xpressnap

Getting creative with personalized marketing messages and professional designs supports your business objectives to increase traffic, check size and repeat business. Restaurant owner Ken shares his story on how he uses Tork Xpressnap®, the only napkin dispenser system that reduces napkin consumption and offers you a digital DIY marketing tool that lets him post on social media, to boost his business.

  • Get social: 52% of fast casual restaurant-goers get information about new restaurants primarily via social media. Use our DIY digital marketing tool to create a unique message and post it directly on your social media channels to increase traffic in your restaurant.
  • Be personal: 86% of restaurant-goers are more likely to return to your restaurant if they feel they had a personalized experience. So use our DIY digital marketing tool to share your restaurant’s heritage, community involvement or special offers. Restaurant-goers cite these as loyalty building.
  • Showcase: 29% of restaurant-goers will likely spend more than planned when presented with a tempting table-top-display message, such as images of a new appetizer, drink or dessert. Entice them with your custom marketing message – created here in minutes.

The Tork Xpressnap System is the number one napkin dispensing system in the world. This system helps you reduce napkin consumption, promote your marketing messages, and minimize environmental impact, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to your business: providing an excellent guest experience. Click here to watch video

  • Reduce consumption: Research shows that customers are 30% more likely to take one napkin at a time using Tork Xpressnap than standard dispensers. By better controlling what’s dispensed, customers can get what they need while you can reduce waste and extra costs.
  • Promote your offer: With Tork Xpressnap refills and dispensers, you can promote your message and achieve results.
    • Tork Xpressnap AD-a-Glance® messages are noticed by over 80% of diners, and of those, 100% recalled the advertisement. Not only that, when asked, customers prefer 3 to 1 advertising on Tork Xpressnap dispenser rather than on table tents. Use our digital DIY marketing tool and learn how you can create and share your marketing message, both in store and on your social media channels.
    • Tork Xpressnap napkin refills offer custom print. Choose up to four custom designs per case and get your messages in front of your customers. With 75% of customers noticing the print on napkins, why not take advantage of this marketing opportunity?
  • Strengthen your environmental story: Guest expectations continue to evolve; now they are seeking establishments that support their commitment to sustainability. Tork Xpressnap can help you meet these expectations with controlled napkin dispensing and our wide range of 100% recycled or FSC certified virgin fiber refills