Tennant AMR Robotic Cleaning Machines


Meet the Tennant Company AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber family. These autonomous cleaning machines are designed to make large facility floor scrubbing a breeze. Give time back to your staff to focus on high value cleaning tasks while your Tennant robotic floor scrubber continuously and consistently covers ground to maintain a pristine environment.  





  • Typically 40K – 110K sq. ft. facilities
  • Mid-sized Retail, Healthcare Lobbies/Hallways, Schools
  • Spaces with tighter turns, smaller storage areas. Spaces with elevators, or doorways. Midsize spaces with possible constricted areas. 


  • Typically 70K – 180K sq. ft. facilities
  • Large Retail, Convention Centers, Arenas, Airports, multi-level Schools and Universities
  • Fewer dump & fills, aggressive down pressure to help with performance of various polishing tools


  • Typically 250,000 – 1 million+ sq. ft. facilities
  • Mid-to-large sized spaces like Warehouses and Third Party Logistics Facilities
  • Ideal for facilities that clean 2-13 hours daily, 3-7 days per week

New Berlin School District Case Study

Maryland Hospital Case Study

Tennant AMR Family Brochure


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