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NEW! Greenbridge Evolution Battery Powered Smart Friction Weld Tool Series

The world’s first lever‑free tool on the market, the patent‑protected Evolution series features fully automatic, battery‑operated smart‑technology enabled strapping tools that redefine tensioning and sealing performance. At their core is integrated Bluetooth smart technology that enables all setups to be done on a smart phone or tablet. These rugged, ergonomically designed tools are lighter, faster, and get to the desired tension faster than previous generations. Because there’s no lever, they're also safer and less tiring for operators.
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New Greenbridge Evolution Battery Powered Smart Friction Weld Tool Series


Greenbridge B600 & B1200

Need a versatile strapping tool that can secure any assignment you throw at it? Greenbridge’s B600 and B1200 fully automatic friction weld tools give you the strength and tension you need—pulling up to 1,200 pounds— with convenience of battery power. These powerful tools accommodate polypropylene and polyester plastic strapping. Simple strap guide changes and instructions are included to ensure proper strap tracking with this higher tensioning technology. The 14.8V lithium polymer battery weighs less and is more efficient in power output compared to nickel‑cadmium and lithium‑ion batteries of higher voltage. Both tools can be fully re‑charged at any time without memory loss.

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Greenbridge B600 and B1200


Strapping 1/2X5800 .025 PET Smooth GR 28/SK

Ideal for light, medium and some heavy duty use. Can be used for a variety of applications - bundling, palletizing and unitizing. It is guaranteed to work in all manufacturers' equipment. It is economical - reliable - smooth running. It absorbs shock better than other materials. It is for boxing food products, produce, fish, chicken, meat, etc. The standard for bundling corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines and cut paper.
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Greenbridge STRAPPING 1/2X5800 .025 PET SMOOTH GR 28/SK


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