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Nilfisk - Liberty SC50

In an industry where targets are more stringent than ever, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 delivers intelligent consistency and reliable results every time. You can expect the same performance standard from one job to the next, making the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 an excellent solution for environments where floorcare requires a focus on both hygiene and presentation.

Liberty SC50



Karcher - KIRA CV 60/1

An autonomous vacuum that helps you clean smarter than ever before. Powered by BrainOS ® an intuitive cloud based AI operating system. You get industry-leading performance and safe operation in skillfully navigating around people and obstacles unsupervised. Using an array of specialized cameras and sensors, the CV 60/1 effortlessly adapts and learns user designated routes. Continuously learning and improving productivity, with real-time reporting available via your smartphone or tablet.

Karcher Kira CV 60/1



Minuteman Roboscrub 20

Minuteman - RoboScrub 20

The autonomous cleaning machine of the Minuteman brand, has already proven its efficiency in the field: from production halls and warehouses with many small aisles to large shopping centers. This machine ensures intuitive operation and safely navigates around complex environments. Obstacles identified by the camera systems are translated into commands by the BrainOS® technology. ”. To carry out short interim cleaning applications, RoboScrub 20 can also be used as a conventional ride-on scrubber-drier.



Tennant AMR

Tennant - AMR Floor Scrubbers

Address common labor challenges, reduce the need for pre-sweeping, drive efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning with the T16AMR, T380AMR, and T7AMR, industrial robotic solutions designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees. Powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform. Reduce the amount of detergent and water needed with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology, and choose between two power source options: high capacity lithium-ion batteries or flooded lead acid batteries.



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