Scott Essential Solutions

Scott Essential Solutions



The Scott Essential brand offers a range of high-quality restroom products designed for efficiency and cleanliness in various professional settings. Their line includes essential restroom items like toilet tissue, hand towels, and skincare products, aiming to provide reliable and hygienic solutions for businesses. Scott is focused on delivering durable, cost-effective, and practical products tailored for maintaining clean and functional restrooms in any commercial environment.



Scott Essential Hand Towels and Dispensers

Scott Essential Hand Towels & Dispensers

Feature a durable, shatter-proof cover with window, so you can check supply levels without opening the dispenser. Available in various models and colors, as well as in automatic and manual configurations to best fulfill your facility's needs.

Scott Essential Toilet Paper and Dispensers

Scott Essential Toilet Paper & Dispensers

Features durable construction and a sleek, professional design. They are designed to refill easily for your maintenance staff. Available in a two roll configuration as well as a high capacity four roll configuration. After all, you have better things to do than worry about refilling toilet paper!

Scott Essential Skin Care and Dispensers

Scott Essential Skin Care & Dispensers

Holds a variety of compatible skincare refills, including soap, hand sanitizer, body wash, lotion, and more. Refills are 1-liter, high enough capacity to reduce run outs and maintenance time. Compatible with universal mounting brackets and a wall and floor protector.



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