Sustainable Strength: Kraft Honeycomb Packaging for All Your Needs


Looking for a powerful yet eco-friendly way to safeguard your products during shipping? Kraft honeycomb packaging delivers! This innovative solution is crafted from robust kraft paper, forming a honeycomb structure that absorbs shock and prevents crushing better than cardboard. It's also lighter than wood, making it a cost-effective option for transportation.

Honeycomb's true strength lies in its versatility. Unlike standard packing materials, it can be customized to perfectly cradle your specific items. By adjusting the size and type of paper used to create the honeycomb cells, you can achieve the ideal level of protection for delicate electronics or heavier objects. Additionally, honeycomb can be die-cut into specific shapes to provide targeted support and minimize wasted material.

And that's not all! For enhanced protection against moisture, dust, or chemicals, honeycomb can be treated with specialty coatings. This allows you to tailor the packaging to the specific needs of your products and their journey. With its impressive strength, adaptability, and eco-friendly nature, Kraft honeycomb packaging offers a secure and sustainable solution for a wide range of shipping applications.


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Multi-Wall Honeycomb Packaging Flyer

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Reduces Material Cost

Highly durable design with lightweight paper properties reduces freight costs.

Internationally Compliant

Made from naturally sanitary materials exempt from ISPM-15 certification.

Highly Sustainable

Made from renewable resources and recycled fiber and is 100% recyclable.

Fully Customizable

Engineered to fit your product’s needs in a variety of sizes and markets.


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