New Disinfectant Products from Spartan Chemical


Spartan Chemical makes clean simple, but when it comes to disinfectants, there is no silver bullet that satisfies all situations. They offer disinfectant products with various active ingredients, efficacy claims, packaging, and in both ready-to-use and dilutable formats in order to meet the disinfectant demands of a plethora of different environments. Fully understanding these environments and the types of pathogens to be addressed are critical factors in successful disinfecting.

From multi-surface disinfectants to specialized solutions for healthcare facilities, Spartan Chemical offers a comprehensive lineup to meet diverse needs. Each product is formulated to deliver effective germ-killing power while also considering factors like ease of use and environmental impact. With a focus on quality and innovation, Spartan Chemical's disinfectant products aim to ensure clean and safe environments in various settings, including healthcare, hospitality, education and more.
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