Victoria Bay Compostable Can Liners

Victoria Bay Compostable Can Liners


Compostable can liners offer a multitude of benefits that make them a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice for waste management. Most notably, these liners are derived from renewable resources, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating the carbon footprint associated with the use traditional plastic liners. By choosing compostable can liners, individuals and businesses contribute to a circular economy, as these liners can be organically broken down into nutrient-rich compost, providing a valuable resource for agriculture and horticulture. This closed-loop system ensures that waste is transformed into a valuable asset, reducing the strain on landfills and incineration facilities, and promoting a more sustainable waste management approach.

By choosing compostable can liners, individuals and businesses can actively contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy, while simultaneously reducing plastic pollution and protecting the planet's fragile ecosystems. Using them is an excellent choice for those seeking to make a positive impact on the environment while maintaining a professional and trustworthy approach to waste management.

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  • Certified Compostable by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and TUV Austria
  • Meets ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standard specifications for compostable plastics
  • Does NOT contain any polyethylene or other conventional plastics
  • Does not contain BPA or PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances)
  • Compliant with CA, MD, MN, and WA state policies for compostable plastics
  • Approved for use in Cedar Grove Compost Systems (CMA-I)
  • Engineered strong, industrial size liners (23 gallons and up) will hold up to 80 pounds
  • Star seal, packed perforated on a roll
  • Prevents odors and keeps bins and containers clean.


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