Victoria Bay Low Density Can Liners

Victoria Bay Low-Density Can Liners


Low density can liners offer many benefits that make them a preferred choice for a wide range of waste management applications.

These liners are engineered using a unique molecular structure that provides superior resistance to tearing and punctures, making them well-suited for handling heavy or sharp waste materials. This durability not only reduces the risk of leaks and spills but also minimizes the frequency of liner changes, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in waste management operations.

Low density can liners excel at containment and odor control. Their ability to effectively seal in unpleasant odors is especially beneficial in settings such as kitchens, healthcare facilities, and food service establishments where maintaining a sanitary and pleasant environment is paramount. This feature not only enhances hygiene and user comfort but also contributes to overall cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

They are also environmentally responsible options. Many of these liners are available in biodegradable or compostable variants, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal. Choosing low-density can liners with eco-friendly certifications can also help organizations meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate their commitment to responsible waste management practices. By selecting these liners, businesses and institutions can combine strength, odor control, and eco-friendliness in a single waste management solution, fostering a cleaner and greener future.

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Victoria Bay LD Liners


  • Linear low density can liners.
  • Maximum puncture and stretch resistance compared to HDPE and other LDPE liners.
  • Made in a variety of sizes - each ideal for their stated capacity trash containers.
  • Reinforced with minerals to enhance physical properties.
  • Constructed with a performance bottom seal to resist leakage.
  • Made from the highest quality raw materials.
  • Excellent for use in industrial, healthcare, food service, sanitation, and many more.

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