Sweepers vs. Vacuums: What Is the Difference?

Lindsay Wawersik, Marketing Coordinator 9/12/2023
Sweepers and Vacuums are both essential equipment when it comes to cleaning floors in your facility. Ensuring you are using the correct equipment in various areas can help improve productivity and keep your facility looking as clean as possible. While there can be similarities between the functions of sweepers and vacuums, there are key differences that are important to note in order to choose the right equipment for your cleaning. 

Choosing the Right Void Fill

Lindsay Wawersik, Marketing Coordinator 9/6/2023
When you think of packaging you most likely think of the bubble wrap that comes in many of the packages you receive at home, and how fun it is to pop the bubbles after you open your package. However, there are many other types of packaging materials such as craft paper, air pillows, and foam that protect products and have much different uses than bubble wrap. Making sure you choose the right void fill is important for cost-effectiveness and the safe shipment of your product. Although all void fill has similarities, there are key differences that are important to note. In this blog, we will dive into the uses and differences between four popular void fills: bubble wrap, craft paper, air pillows, and foam. 

The Origins of Labor Day

Lindsay Wawersik, Marketing Coordinator 8/29/2023

Many associate Labor Day with the end of summer, barbecues, days by the lake and camping with family and friends. While all of these activities are traditions for many Americans of today, it is important remember the original purpose of the holiday.

The Simplified Guide to Hospitality Housekeeping

Lindsay Wawersik, Marketing Coordinator 8/8/2023

With different guests in and out of your space daily, maintaining appearance and cleanliness in the hospitality world can pose a challenge. Sustaining a space and keeping it smelling and looking fresh is crucial in keeping guests satisfied and exceeding their expectations. Luckily, this guide will break down the main areas you will want to pay attention to in your hospitality facility, to keep your space polished.

Burnishers vs. Buffers: Choose the Right Equipment

Dawson Gusey, Marketing Coordinator 8/1/2023

When it comes to maintaining and enhancing the appearance of your floors, floor burnishers and floor buffers both play crucial roles. While they share certain similarities, understanding their distinctions is key to selecting the appropriate equipment for your specific floor care needs. In this blog post, we will delve into the similarities and differences between floor burnishers and floor buffers, shedding light on their ideal applications.