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Sustainability Trends – We Want To Hear From You!

Renae Hesselink, Nichols Vice President of Sustainability 10/4/2022

Living with the pandemic for more than two years now, one would think that sustainability efforts in business would have taken a back seat.  They did while everyone was in panic mode to figure out how to keep their businesses operating, however that pause was short-lived and we believe that sustainability efforts have grown tremendously based on the requests we receive from our customers to provide them with product information as well as green house gas emissions data as a supplier to them for their reporting needs.  Not a week goes by without a request for help to identify a greener alternative product to what they have been using, a request for documentation about the raw materials used to produce a product (asking for the amount of recycled content for example), the origin of raw material used to produce a product, and environmental certifications that a product may carry. The requests do not stop with just product information. 

Homecoming Cleaning Preparation

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 9/20/2022

With schools back in session and students flooding the halls, it’s only a matter of time before the dances start back up, too. Is your school’s gym ready to host homecoming? Nichols is here to help you understand which cleaning practices are better for everyone in the long run. So you can spend more time popping and locking instead of mopping.

September Green Products Flyer

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 9/16/2022
From Chemicals to Floor Care, going green is important in every part of your building, especially when it comes to cleaning. Check out these products that will shrink your Carbon footprint one step at a time!...

A Day in the Life: Nichols SMT

Dawson Gusey, Marketing Coordinator 9/13/2022

Nichols is proud to be the distributor of all the janitorial, shipping, and packaging solutions you need to keep your facilities clean, safe, and healthy. That being said, have you ever wondered what goes into getting your product from the manufacturer into your janitor’s closet? It can be quite logistically challenging to deliver to more than 30,000 customers across the 4 states we serve; fortunately, we have a full-fledged Supply Management Team that takes care of just that!

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HAI Awareness

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 9/6/2022

Going to the hospital can be nerve-wracking as it is, but getting sick in conjunction with already being treated for an injury or illness is an outcome no one wants. A Healthcare-Associated Infection, or HAI, is just that, contracting a secondary infection when the patient is hospitalized for something different. This is an unfortunate reality for many as the frequency of hospital visits increase due to viruses and injuries. The CDC found that roughly 1 in 25 hospital goers contract at least one HAI during their stay. These infections specifically affect blood/surgery sites and urinary tracts through various ways like tools that aren’t cleaned or used properly. Though these HAIs are preventable, they are becoming seemingly unavoidable as hospitals across the country fall victim to overcrowding, understaffing, and a large influx in patients as cold and flu season creeps closer. Understanding these infections and their control guidelines are the only ways to try and combat these additional sicknesses.