Coronavirus Update: #BetterTogether 4/7/2020

As we continue to weather this storm, the most important thing we have to say this week is Thank You!


Regardless of if you are working from home, going into your workplace to do essential tasks, or simply sheltering in place to help the cause, we know this is a challenging time for our customers. We appreciate that you choose to do business with Nichols. We thank you for your patience as we work through the supply challenges. And we truly value the efforts we know you make every day to keep yourself, your family, and our communities safe and healthy.


Nichols is an essential part of the supply chain for health care, food processing, and all the other critical industries that keep our communities going strong. As such, we are very much OPEN FOR BUSINESS! This would not be possible without the contributions and loyalty of our Nichols Team. Our associates have really stepped up! Everyone is pitching in wherever they are needed, frequently in areas outside of our normal job duties. They are learning new protocols, working in new environments, and most importantly doing everything possible to deliver critical supplies to customers who remain open for business as quickly as we can. Thank You to all Nichols associates, you are very appreciated!  


A Program for Healthy Teams and Facilities

The educational program that we announced last week is continuing to evolve with more posters and with videos.  There is now a YouTube playlist on the Nichols YouTube Channel that we are adding instructional videos to. A link to the #BetterTogether playlist, and all posters can be downloaded on our website at

If you requested kits from your account manager, those are being printed and laminated this week and will start to go out next week.

As a reminder, last week we announced some changes in regards to delivery protocols. Please see this link for a detailed description of the delivery changes.

We appreciate your patience, we appreciate your business and we are here to help.