Coronavirus Update: #BetterTogether 5/5/2020

Spring is definitely in the air, bringing optimism and sunshine as we all work together to flatten the curve. We appreciate you and your team’s efforts in our communities, whether it is wearing a mask in public, assisting on the front line in healthcare or cleaning facilities to make them safe!

Everyone is aware at this point that the pandemic has had a global impact on the supply chain for items like N95 masks, gloves, and other PPE as well as hand soaps and sanitizers, dispensers and bottles of all types, paper products, and of course, disinfectants. Throughout the challenges, we have diligently provided you with the best information we have at the time, even knowing that sometimes shipments we expect to receive may end up delayed or incomplete. As we all prepare to get back to work, the supply issues will continue. At this point, we have created a space for you to access communications directly from the manufacturers with updates on their specific situation. You may see these letters here:

Our team of Nichols associates has worked tirelessly to acquire new inventory to assist you in fighting this battle and working towards Confidently Clean facilities. We have stocked up on several disinfectants, and applicators such as misters and foggers that will help you disinfect efficiently. We have new SKUs for sanitizers and masks, and even a supply of digital infrared no touch thermometers. We have featured some of these items on a new COVID-19 flyer, but remember it is just a representative selection as we could not possibly fit everything. The new items are certainly those more in demand right now. We included ETAs for products still on order. Please contact your sales or customer service representative or go online to place an order. Please order responsibly and only what you need. 

#BetterTogether update

The #BetterTogether program now offers nine posters and videos for your teams. Last week we tweaked our poster on how to clean spray bottles and trigger sprayers for re-use. This poster now also includes the same directions for bottles with a pump top used for hand soaps and sanitizers. With supplies of these packaging components being tight, keeping your own bottles on hand expands your options in packaging as well as reduces impact on the environment. You can download and print posters on demand and access the link to the #BetterTogether video playlist here

We remain dedicated to continuing to deliver products and solutions that help fight this pandemic. Your Nichols Team is #H2H, Here to Help!

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Be Well!