Strapping - An Alternative to Stretch

Can a plastics production company be considered sustainable? PolyChem, now Greenbridge, with a new name, new products, and a new drive towards sustainability, seems to be doing just that.

According to their website, “We all have a vested interest in eliminating waste and embracing new practices that advance the continual use of the Earth’s resources...We provide a full range of strapping, including high performance embossed polyester from recycled and virgin content. And, we’ll buy your scrap back.”

The company is making steady strides towards sustainability. One of the ways that Greenbridge has invested in eliminating waste is through their strapping products. They use recycled plastic bottles to make some of their plastic strapping products.

“Many of our customers have goals or initiatives to be more sustainable and being able to provide a product that is made from 100% recycled material is an attractive option for those customers,” said Matt Robke, Sales Representative of Holland, MI. “Utilizing strapping as an alternative to stretch film or shrink film is a way for our customers to reduce their consumption of poly-based materials in certain applications.”

Greenbridge offers a variety of solutions outside of strapping for any company looking for a more sustainable foot forward.

The website offers great stats, like: “Each sustainability solution is unique and can include purchasing materials like 100% recycled rPET, products like strap and cornerboard, equipment, and services. We even collect your recyclable materials, removing this step and reducing landfill costs.”

Greenbridge is a great example of how a company can improve their customer’s experience and decrease their carbon footprint at the same time, which is exactly why a sustainability conscious, and environmentally certified organization, such as Nichols enjoys working with them.

Nichols has a strong commitment to sustainability. Our commitment is to focus on the environmental, social, and economic impacts of our business and to engage our associates, suppliers and customers to develop sustainable business practices that meet the needs of today without compromising future generations.

Nichols is LEED certified and recently, as of April 2021, achieved LEED Version 4.1 O+M recertification for our Norton Shores headquarters and distribution center.

Learn more about our pledge to sustainability here: Nichols | Sustainability (

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